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Logo Performance Testtage in Portimao: Season Finale & Warm-Up Algarve

Performance Test Days at Portimao

The Season Finale & Season Warm-Up Algarve offers manufacturers, teams and drivers three first-class testing opportunities at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portimão:

06. - 09.12.2022 14. - 17.02.2023 21. - 24.02.2023

The most important facts

  • Max. 25 Vehicles on the Track
  • Tyre Service in the Paddock
  • Catering on Site
  • 7h Open Pitlane daily
  • No Noise Restriction
  • Hotel & Travel Service
  • Experienced Drivers Only
  • Transport Service & Wintering
  • Racecar Rental & Support

On Track

Perfect testing conditions in winter

The Season Finale & Season Warm-Up Algarve by BLACK FALCON offers manufacturers, teams and drivers perfect testing, development and training conditions at the F1 circuit Autódromo Internacional do Algarve near Portimão (Portugal). The proven concept guarantees maximum track time and an optimal driving environment.

  • 7 hours of Open Pitlane per day

    Up to four days in a row: seven hours of Open Pitlane testing, 1 hour for lunch

  • Maximum 25 vehicles on the track

    Limitation on the number of vehicles on the track

  • Balanced field of participants

    At least TCR / GT4 level. No road or formula cars

  • Experienced drivers

    Highest Tracktime quality - Only experienced drivers allowed

  • No noise restriction

    Vehicles in competition configuration without additional silencers

Image from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao Racetrack

Facilities in the paddock

Tyre service and petrol on site

  • Tyre service on site

    Mounting and disposal of tyres in the paddock

  • Tyre delivery of all brands directly to the paddock

    If ordered via BLACK FALCON by 18.11.2022 (SFA) or 27.01.2023 (SWA), tyres of all brands will be delivered directly to Portimao - including free fitting by the local tyre service. Prices on request.

  • Petrol station in the paddock

    98 Octane petrol can be filled up directly in the paddock, the vendor is the track operator.

Image from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao Racetrack

Catering on site

Top catering for drivers and teams

  • VIP catering for driver and co-driver

    Lunch is included in the daily fee for driver and co-driver

  • Team catering in the track restaurant

    Lunch and dinner in buffet form by prior arrangement in the track's own restaurant

Image from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao Racetrack

Simplify logistics

Transport and storage service

  • Vehicle transport to the events: Nürburgring <-> Portimao

    BLACK FALCON will gladly take care of the transport of customer vehicles to Portugal and then back to Germany. Limited availability

  • Wintering on site

    Wintering of vehicles and equipment in a locked building at the race track possible. Limited availability. Costs depend on space requirements.

Image from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao Racetrack

BLACK FALCON at Season Finale & Warm-Up

Arrive-and-Drive: race car rental

From beginner-friendly GT Cars to thoroughbred LMP3 prototypes, we offer a fleet that leaves nothing to be desired! Unlike many other companies, we offer 'all-inclusive' prices with no hidden extra costs!

  • Rental of racing cars: 'best price' or exclusive

    The vehicles are rented by the day either by sharing with other customers at the 'Best Price' (incl. 200 free kilometers) or 'Exclusively' without sharing (incl. 350 free kilometers). Additional kilometers driven will be charged separately.
  • Transparent rental without hidden additional costs

    Support from BLACK FALCON staff, all service work, the nominal fee for the test day, fuel, used tyres and comprehensive racing insurance are included with every rental.
  • Well covered: comprehensive racing accident insurance

    All vehicles are insured against accidents with an individual deductible. The deductible of the racing hull insurance must be deposited before the start of the journey
  • New tyres available at any time

    For all vehicles on offer, BLACK FALCON keeps an extensive stock of new dry and rain tyres on site, which can be requested and purchased at any time. The price is based on the German list price of the respective tyre.
Image from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao RacetrackImage from Portimao Racetrack

A fleet that leaves nothing to be desired

BLACK FALCON race cars for hire in Portimao:

Best price: incl. 200 km, shared with other customers | Exclusive: incl. 350 km, no other customers

Porsche Cayman GT4 CS
425 hp - 1330 kg - GT Car

Porsche Cayman GT4 CS

Racing car NLS, Sports Cup

The Porsche Cayman GT4 in 'CS' configuration is used in the NLS in the CUP3 class and is ideally suited for beginners.

Best Price *

4.590,00 €

Exclusive Price *

8.490,00 €

Additional Km *

13,00 €

Insurance Excess

17.500,00 €

Porsche Cayman GT4 RS
500 hp - 1330 kg - GT Car

Porsche Cayman GT4 RS

Racing car NLS, Sports Cup

The Porsche Cayman GT4 in 'CS' configuration is used in the NLS in the CUP3 class and is ideally suited for beginners.

Best Price *

4.990,00 €

Exclusive Price *

8.990,00 €

Additional Km *

15,00 €

Insurance Excess

17.500,00 €

Mercedes-AMG GT4
520 hp - 1400 kg - GT Car

Mercedes-AMG GT4

Racing car NLS / SRO-GT4

The Mercedes-AMG GT4 is available in two configurations: as NLS-SP8T with >500 hp or in SRO-GT4 specification, which allows worldwide entries in GT4 classes.

Best Price *

5.190,00 €

Exclusive Price *

9.490,00 €

Additional Km *

16,00 €

Insurance Excess

20.000,00 €

Porsche 992 GT3 Cup
510 hp - 1260 kg - GT Car

Porsche 992 GT3 Cup

Racing car NLS, Porsche Carrera Cup

The latest model of the world's best-selling racing car. Used worldwide in one-make cups and endurance races. Optionally with ABS and traction control.

Best Price *

5.490,00 €

Exclusive Price *

9.990,00 €

Additional Km *

17,00 €

Insurance Excess

20.000,00 €

Ligier JS P320
460 hp - 950 kg - prototype

Ligier JS P320

Racing car Le Mans Cup, ELMS

Fastest vehicle on offer. Pure-bred racing prototype with winning gene. No driving aids, maximum driving pleasure with incredible performance.

Best Price *

5.990,00 €

Exclusive Price *

11.990,00 €

Additional Km *

19,00 €

Insurance Excess

20.000,00 €

Rennfahrzeug-Betreuung durch BLACK FALCON
Vehicle dependent categories

Race car support at the track by BLACK FALCON

Professional support of the customer's own racing vehicle in Portimao by Team BLACK FALCON. Booking is only possible in advance

Category A: GT3 & LMP3 cars *

1.890,00 € *

Category B: Porsche 992 Cup, Ferrari Challenge, or similar *

1.590,00 € *

Category C: GT4 cars, Porsche 991 Cup, LMP4, or similar *

1.290,00 € *

* All prices in EURO, net, plus VAT
(Depending on the type of service taxable in Portugal/Germany)


Frequently Asked Questions

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the Season Finale & Season Warm-Up Algarve. From experience, we often receive similar enquiries. Enclosed therefore is some information:

How does the booking work?

The booking of all services, from the vehicle day to the hotel room, is made directly by e-mail ( or by telephone (+49 170 83 72 74 2).

What is included in the booking?

Each participating vehicle includes one driver per day. Participants with more drivers than vehicles must book additional drivers on a daily basis. Each driver, included or additionally booked, may drive with all vehicles during the day. Each car requires at least one pit space. A pit has four parking spaces. Single spaces in a communal box or a complete box can be rented. Co-drivers/instructors are generally allowed, but must also be booked on a daily basis.

Which vehicles are permitted?

Only pure racing cars that can at least achieve times of GT4 or TCR cars are eligible. At the upper end of the scale, we restrict participation to GTE cars. LMP2, formula and road cars are not eligible. If you have any questions about a vehicle's eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are there any requirements for drivers?

All drivers must have trackday/race track experience and be able to prove it. We reserve the right not to admit individual drivers or to prohibit participation on the fly.

How loud are vehicles allowed to be?

We allow vehicles in competition configuration without additional silencers!

Can individual days be booked?

All event days can be booked individually.

How does the tyre service work?

Tyres of all brands can be ordered in advance. If purchased through BLACK FALCON, on-site fitting is free of charge. The commissioning of your own tyre service must be requested and confirmed with BLACK FALCON in advance.

What options are available for lunch and dinner?

Drivers, co-drivers / instructors and booked accompanying persons eat in the VIP lounge during the lunch break (included in the price). For team members we offer lunch and dinner in the paddock restaurant. Drivers, co-drivers / instructors and accompanying persons must book dinner additionally.

Is there a timetable?

Expected schedule for all event days:
9:00 - 13:00 Session 1
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - 17:00 Session 2

When can you enter the paddock?

Entry to the paddock is possible from 5pm on the day before the booking. Earlier entry is possible (depending on capacity) for an additional charge.

Can trucks / equipment be parked at the track?

Trucks can be parked in a supervised parking area outside the paddock. Participants taking part in more than one event can store their vehicles and equipment at the track. This option requires an individual quote.

Contact us

We look forward to hearing from you and will get back to you as soon as possible!
We can also be reached by phone at any time:

+49 170 83 72 74 2